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Welcome Letter!

Welcome Super Woman!

Hi! Welcome to Cuteni’s Crafty Mom (pronounced Cute-nee) where Creativity + Classy Blog posts meet. This welcome letter explains why this site was designed with you in mind. I am Cuteni’s Crafty Mom Nakia and I’m determined to help make your lives easier. By sharing the best Sales, Secrets, Event Ideas, Gift Ideas, D.I.Y. Tricks, Recipes, Experience and Resources; I know we’ll save money and time together.

My website is also filled with Date Night ideas for you and your mate, which will help keep relationships fun. In addition, I post Girl Talk articles that will help close doors on distractions and open doors into your “NEXT”!

But most importantly, by the time you leave this site I pray my posts will Uplift, Encourage and Inspire you to jump out of the box- pursuing & fulfilling the plan God has for you. #JesusLoVer

My Inspiration for Creation

This blog is named after my beautiful Great- Grandmother Inell, we called her “Cuteni”. Whenever I saw her, she was well dressed from head to toe. Moreover, she kept her hair, nails and make-up done. As a young mom, she was a go-getter. She didn’t wait on anyone. Knowing what she had to do to successfully raise my Grandmother Nita, she sacrificed & did it with LoVe.

Moving from the country to the city, she provided a great life for my grandmother. Inell worked at a Dental Lab as well as baked and sold sweets on the side. At her funeral, I asked how Grandma “Cuteni” got her nickname since I couldn’t find it in the obituary. My aunt mentioned, “That’s just what everyone called her because she was so cute”. How cute is that? I LoVe it!

Henceforth, as a single parent, Grandma Cuteni spoiled my Grandmother Nita who turned out to be a preacher’s wife and a seamstress. She made all of her clothes and taught her daughters (including my vivacious mother Nell) how to sew and sing fearlessly.

Role Models

My multi-talented mother used to make my sisters and me her famous t-shirt dresses. She retired from the Post Office, has a Decorating/Party Planning company called “Elite Weddings” and from time to time Caters for Events (if she ever answers her phone). But I guess retirees do what they want (Lol LoVe you Mom).

I’ve watched all the Role Models in my life doing more than one thing. Without giving excuses, they did whatever they had to do for their kids so they wouldn’t be without. I LoVe the fact that they were willing to use the gifts God placed inside of them. My Grandma Meme currently creates one-of-a-kind hats you can order from “Ms. Ann’s Classics”. Specializing in church hats or any type of headpiece you desire.

My Auntie Karla started her own clothing line called “Angie and Wes” making handcrafted clothes for women. My Mother in Law Lesia stays busy. Over the 19 years, I’ve been with my husband, I’ve observed her working full-time, doing hair, selling art, being a travel agent and selling hair @ “The Mane Passion”.

Auntie Carolyn is the First Lady of the International Gospel Center. She consistently pushes Education, has a Masters Degree and was a Social Worker for grades K-12. Now she’s a Director over IGC Services for Team Wellness meeting the needs of the Community.

Dr. Luvenia (Grandma) went back to school while raising 5 boys, got her High School Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees. She went to sewing school and have many other achievements. She’s a retired Educator. As a co-founder of the world-wide ministry International Gospel Center, she helped my Grandfather become the first African American minister on tv in this part of the nation.

Yearly she plans a mind-blowing mini vacay for women all over the world called the “Women’s Retreat”. Her event captures the attention of almost 400 women. When God enters, the ladies don’t leave the way they came. They change by getting saved, delivered and set free. Presently, she counsels, ministers & hosts her own radio show called “Wisdom Principles” on WCHB 1340 am airways every Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Definition of Women

Furthermore, my step MomN Stacey is the sweetest epitome of a woman who always has her man back. And the list goes on… Needless to say, I’m inspired by the multi-tasking supermoms around me. They keep moving on to their NEXT hobby. Never quitting nor giving excuses on why they can’t move forward. I’ve watched them do what they LoVe without worrying about money.

I call these women Super Moms because their job is hard, they can’t do it all but with the help of God, they do the best they can. That’s what makes them super, they don’t give up. My Grandma Cuteni started this trend and it trickled down to me so it’s a Cuteni’s Crafty Mom thing.

How I Got Started

Auntie Vernita saw something in me since I was always writing. She continuously sent me stationery paper and pens. Presently, I keep paper and pens with me just like my auntie Carolyn Mock did. Now I write skits/plays and perform them at church events.

When I was younger, I remember telling my mom about a last-minute homework project and she had to do most of it lol. I was shocked at the fact that she drew a horse and thought wow I didn’t know she could draw, (beauty, brains and skills) I wanted to do it too.

After my friend showed me how to draw Mickey Mouse in middle school, I never stopped. A LoVe for Arts and Crafts grew in me. Anytime I showed interest in something, my parents cultivated as well as provided the materials for it.

As a young adult, I remember planning my wedding. While sharing my vision, I was told what I couldn’t get. Now I don’t like being told no when it comes to decorations. I don’t stand for it. If I can create it, I’m making it.

Why Duplicate? When You Can Create!

Sike! People have great ideas. If you see something you like, let’s duplicate and create it on a budget. I’ll definitely put my own twist on it. I burst with creativity and always find myself picking difficult themes. I dare to be different.  I don’t want the crafts I create nor the events I plan to look exactly like what anyone else has. So, of course, I can’t find some of them in stores.

I have to create it. I hope you see things here that you’ve never seen before. Let them beautify and bring joy to all of your special events. Enjoy these unique DIY crafty pieces as much as I do making them. If you don’t see what you need, shoot me a message and I’d LoVe to create it just for you! I don’t stop until I see a finished product!

A Woman’s Job Is Never Done!

Supermom, the saying “a woman’s job is never done” is true! Cuetni’s Crafty Mom Subscribers is full of women who don’t quit. We do what we can and allow God to provide where we can’t. If you don’t have time to make these crafty pieces, let me do the work for you. I’ll save you money and time.

Click on our shop and you can purchase it. This site allows you to move quicker in life by avoiding the same energy wasting mistakes twice. Whether it’s planning a Birthday party for your kids, planning “Me Time” for yourself or Date night with your mate; let’s figure out how to balance it all together.

My blog posts are for adults. It will cover multiple topics such as The latest Deals, Gift Ideas, How to Plan a Party, Quick Recipes, Self-worth, Feeling Unappreciated, Sex Before Marriage, Forgiveness and more.

 Woman to Woman

I hope you feel welcomed here! You’re always welcome to come back and read each article until you find what you need. Share them as well. SUBSCRIBE and be kept up to date when new posts arise. I want to encourage and recognize other Super Moms around the world to create, be great and handle business without waiting on anyone.

If you know someone who’s a Super Woman and deserves to be my Super Woman of the week, email me and share why. I’ll choose who can be our next. In addition, send your questions and I’ll try to get back with you sooner than later. Depending on the variety of questions submitted by CCM Subscribers. Lastly, Everything on Cuteni’s Crafty Mom is positive, so negative comments will be deleted.


Thank you Jesus Lovers,

I’m Cuteni’s Crafty Mom Nakia

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