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Top 10 Internet Dating Safety Tips

Are Online Dating Sites Safe?

There are so many online dating sites for singles ready to mingle today. If you type Dating Websites in your search bar, countless apps and pages will appear. Not including other sites where couples meet such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat or even AOL (where I met my husband) to name a few. You may not know which one to click on. Moreover, some are free and some are costly. But If you happen to meet someone online, here are my Top 10 Internet Dating Safety Tips. My tips should be helpful if you decide to meet offline. You’re taking advice from someone who met their husband online.

Should I Be Open To Dating Online?

Many have asked themselves are online dating sites safe? Nowadays, when you log in you enter the houses of people you know and don’t know. It’s thousands of pictures uploaded daily. They let you see what they want you to see about their lives. If you like what you see about a person, you may ask them out on a date in person (if they ever make it to the date). The internet dating stories I’ve heard, varies. Some people maintained successful relationships (such as I), some experienced heartache, some were catfished (tricked), conned out of $$ and I’m sad to say a few were murdered after meeting up. So I understand why people hesitate or turn down online dating.

God sent my husband online, so I wouldn’t be totally closed off because you never know how he will send your mate. Even though I married a man I met online, I would do things a lot differently when it comes to meeting up for the first date. Looking back, as an adult I hate the fact that I ignored all of my intuitions, which I shouldn’t have. However, if I could do it all over again, I would use the proper “Internet Dating Safety Precautions”. So grab your pen and paper to take notes. Don’t do like I did in 2001. Times are different and people are crazy. By the grace of God, I didn’t pick the wrong guy to go out with or else things could’ve been bad.

Top 10 Internet Dating Safety Tips

1. Create Standards and Rules

First, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, so you want to prepare yourself ahead of time for what you will/won’t accept or do. You want to have standards so that you won’t allow any and everything to come your way. Creating rules will probably give you a sense of comfort. Stick to them.

2. Don’t Rush, Take Your Time

There’s no rush to meet anyone right away. If you’ve been waiting on a Mr./Mrs. Right for a year or 10, what’s another week or two to get to know someone before actually meeting with them in public (separately)?!

3. Make Sure They’re Real

Looks can be deceiving. Like the saying goes “Don’t let the smile fool you”. You never know what’s behind a smile or a picture. Don’t ever let anyone try to talk to you for months and never meet in person. What’s the purpose of dating them? In due time people have to give up their lie. They get tired of acting so they’ll start telling you the truth by showing you who they really are by their actions. After you chat online, talk on the phone (use a google number if you want to protect your privacy) and even Face Time before the first meet. To see if what you’re seeing is what you get. Then you’ll know if their pictures are real or stolen from another page. And if you don’t like what you see, you can easily cancel ahead of time. Don’t waste your time wondering if they’re cute or tender to the eye.

4. Investigate

Go through all of their social media pages, see what friends you have in common and ask questions. Your life is very important because you only have one of them to live. It’s worth taking extra precautions. Your decisions will affect you and your LoVed ones forever. If something smells fishy cut off all communication and block them.

5. Guard Your Heart And Ears

Don’t listen to empty words of sweet nothings. Just because you prayed for the next man/woman coming into your life to be your husband/wife doesn’t mean
God sent them. The enemy can hear your prayers as well. Sometimes we as women can be gullible since we’re more sympathetic to sob stories. Don’t fall for it, your mental and physical state matters most.

6. Never Give To Much To Soon

The person you’re meeting is just like a stranger off the street or in a grocery store. You would never ride in a car with them or share your address and
all of your important information right away.

7. Meet In Public

It’s no Netflix and chill at the crib on the first date. They should not know where you stay. Find a public place where you feel comfortable enough to meet them at. In addition, let someone know your location, where you’re going and who you’re going with. Drop your location for the day. You can also send them a picture of your date. Human trafficking is big and you don’t want to be caught in it. Always Protect yourself. Mase can easily be worn on your key chain.

8. Pray and Use Wisdom

Trust has to be earned. If you wouldn’t let a stranger hold your juice while you run to the restroom, don’t leave your juice on a table with them. Ask for another fresh cup when you return to the table. Don’t be afraid to offend, they will get over it. Date rape drugs are still relevant. You can even go on a double date if you want to feel at ease. Your date should be understanding.

9. Just Say No

No is a powerful word, don’t be afraid to use it. Don’t Feed their Needs. Never give them things you can’t get back, especially money. You’re not a loan shark. They should be well established before they attempt to date you. Needy people can be by themselves until they get themselves together.

10. Always Evaluate

Dating is for collecting data and weigning out individuals belown the standards you created. Remember you set rules for a reason. You know when someone is wasting your time, effort and energy. Let them go. It’s ok to walk away.  Never put 100% into something you’re trying to build when others only giving 50%.

Computer LoVe

I believe you can create a safe environment for internet dating. Click here to read about how “I Married A Man I Met Online” and on our first date you’ll find out why my sister yelled, “Don’t go with him! He can be a murderer, stupid!” As well as my mom’s reaction when I told her how we met.

I pray these internet dating safety precautions will help you on your journey to find LoVe. Especially since online scams and internet dating scams have increased. You can watch, hear and read stories about someone falling for a stranger who showered them with love, overly complimented their beauty, sent small gifts, said they cared, had them sending money, asked  to marry them Yada Yada Yada and so on… Scammers make up lies and play on your GREED, SYMPATHY and FEARS. The saddest part is the fact that people continuously fall for it and don’t even realize they have common sayings. Always Be Safe.

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