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Top 10 Gifts For Father’s Day

Top 10 Gifts Your Father Won’t Throw Away

Ladies I hope your Mother’s Day was amazing but your celebration is over. The restaurants were full and hard to get reservations. Many of you bent over backwards to raise your children. Now lets do the same to honor the awesome Father’s around the world. If he works hard to provide and care for his children, he deserves to be celebrated. Father’s Day is quickly approaching. They don’t care for ties as much anymore, they want to be catered to. Truth is, gifts can range tremendously depending on the type of guy he is. Is your father a introvert, extrovert or ambivert? I surveyed a number of men and asked “What would you like for Father’s Day”?

Here are the Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts Answers.

  • 10.  Bling.

    Jewelry such as a nice watch, diamond earring or chain if they trust you to pick it out for them. Or else don’t even attempt it. Just go ahead and skip to number 9 with me because my husband is the take back king so jewelry is definitely not my lane.


  • 9. Yard Accessories.

    Things that makes their lives easier such as a Lawn mower or tools to maintain the yard. Many guys take pride in the up keep of their yard.


  • 8. Technology.

    Gadgets, TV, Cell Phone, Computer, laptop, tablet or a briefcase to put it in.


  • 7. Shoes.

    You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of shoes or work boots. Don’t forget the Socks to.


  • 6. Clothes.

    Name brand or No brand. Jogging outfit, gym outfit, pajamas or you can order a specialized t-shirt with a cool saying.


  • 5. Cologne.

    Please search reviews, do not pick out the stinky ones. It’s nothing like being stuck in line behind some fart smelling cologne. If you don’t know how to pick it out, you’ll be safe with manly body wash. At least he’ll smell like soap and if you mess up on that, it’ll simmer down as the day goes on. And everyone will be safe.


  • 4. Thoughtful Gifts.

– Wash his car.

– Hire a Cleaning company to clean the man cave.

– A masseuse to give him a massage.

– Some may also need their claws clipped, give/get him a pedicure.


  • 3. Power Tools.

    Many guys like working with their hands. A drill, tool kit and tool box would be perfect for them. The best part about that is, he won’t have any excuse to get out of the honey do list.


  • 2. Quality Time. 

    If the kids are all moved out, more than likely he wants to be with them. You can cook him breakfast in bed, go out to dinner or throw a Barbecue for him. Purchase him the Omaha Steak package or a BBQ pit as a gift. Or imagine if you’ll be at the BBQ sweating, you’ll find yourself and others running in his house from the hot sun. You already know your father only have one fan in one room where everyone is trying to squeeze in front of. If you know it will be blowing heat down your throat, your thighs are going to be getting stuck to each other and to the couch. You won’t find cool relief, so purchase him an A/C unit. This will be a gift for you and him.


  •  1. Free Day.

    Shockingly, the number 1 answer was to be left alone. Lol especially if he has little kids running around the house. After he comes home from a hard days work, handling business and maintaining the house he wants to chill. They want to do whatever they want, even if it’s nothing. Relaxation and peace is needed to be rejuvenated.  Have the children make him a card. Put cash or a gift card to one of his favorite stores in it and tell him to go fishing on the boat/dock.


Hopefully these fun ideas will help you pick something for the Incredible men in your life. We need great fathers. I LoVe and appreciate the dad God blessed me with. My handsome astounding dad raised 4 kids. Majority of the time we all go in on his gift and yes he’s spoiled. I’m looking forward to the day where i can completely take care of him. Happy Father’s Day Men!


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