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Urban Soul (Review)

OMGee if you want some of the best southern cooking in your belly, you can find it here at Restaurants in Detroit U.S (Urban Soul). Their menus are filled with your favorite Soul Food dishes.

My mother is from Houston, Tx. so I’ve had the privilege of eating well most of my life. She cooks so well the taste simmers and I find myself going back for seconds. Sometimes overeating to the point where I can’t move afterward. Yes, that’s horrible. That’s one reason I’ll never move back home again.  In addition, she cooks huge Sunday dinners for the whole family to enjoy.

Downtown Detroit Restaurant

Anywhoo enough about Mother Nell’s cooking, this review is about Urban Soul Restaurant in Downtown Detroit. Before ordering, I looked around to see what other customers ordered. Everything looked delicious on their plates. I didn’t know what to get. In as much, I was torn between Chicken & Waffles and Barbecue Chicken. The food came out hot and in a timely manner.

In the middle of my husband chomping on a smothered pork chop, he asked: “How come we don’t come here a lot?” I shrugged. He said, “Oh yeah we’ll be back. We have to come here more often. They have big portions.” Plus, the prices are very affordable. It’s a family, date and girls night out type of place. Suitable for everyone.

In contrast, I didn’t enjoy the potato salad as much. It reminded me of the grocery store kind, needing to be doctored up a bit. Maybe a little more sugar and a few minor ingredients would’ve made it perfect. But that’s just my opinion, it may taste good to someone else. After trying Mother Nell’s, the bar is set high for me.

Moreover, two of their highlights are Mac n Cheese and Sweet Potatoes. Baby, it left you wanting more. My belly was happy and we had enough leftovers to take home. The service there was amazing. Our waitress was patient and really nice. Trust me, we will be visiting them more often. Needless to say this is one of my finger-licking good Restaurants in Detroit U.S (Urban Soul).

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