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Topgolf (Review)

Have you ever watched people play golf on tv? Thinking to yourself “That’s easy, I can do that too! All I need is a golf course.” You didn’t want to join a golf club so you went to the nearest putt-putt miniature golf and tried it out. Then you realized it was harder than you thought. Either the windmill kept knocking your ball out or you were rushed by the next group behind you!

I randomly watch golf and think it’s a boring game. However, for some reason it keeps my attention. It’s interesting to see men and women mastering their gift by hitting a tiny ball from afar into a small circle. Most of the time getting a hole in one. After so many trips to Putt-putt golf, I needed a bigger challenge.

Finally, Topgolf provided it! The opportunity to become a better golfer on a bigger scale is now right around the corner. It also has one of the Restaurants in Detroit TG (Topgolf) I’m sharing a review on.

Topgolf Near Me

I live in Michigan, my husband and I got excited when we heard they were building a Top Golf in Auburn Hills. This location was the closest one to us. We knew It would be a great place to have a date night out. Since his birthday was approaching, I decided to throw him a surprise Couples Date Night. I figured I might as well invite everyone out for a night of fun.

The competition was on as soon as we stepped foot in the Bay Area. We had a blast trying to play golf, talking junk, laughing and socializing. All of us hit at least one air-ball (missing the golf ball as we swung the club). It was hilarious seeing the best and worst players. I’m glad we went in September, the big heaters they provided kept us warm.

I ordered a ton of food from their menu for everyone to try. Everything was hot and it looked good. It was mainly bite-size, finger foods that were perfect for the occasion. The Fried Macaroni Balls were scrumptious along with the Flatbread Pizza.

In addition, The Boneless Barbecue Chicken and Fries were good as well. Be careful when eating the Hot Wings though, it set my mouth on fire (as it was supposed to). On the other hand, I didn’t really like their chicken and waffles, it didn’t taste like nothing. It needed some Cinnamon, Sugar and better syrup.

Topgolf Prices

Topgolf prices can be seen here. The wait to play can be long or short, depending on what day and time you go. Just call ahead of time to see how long the wait is. Then throw a polo shirt on, tie a sweater around your neck and enjoy playing golf (just kidding, it’s no specific attire).

I gave everyone a set price and I paid the rest. We Played for 2 hours. The venue can host occasions such as Family Time, Birthday Parties, Girls and fellas night out and more. However, I wouldn’t bring my one-year-old or any super busy child because they could fall over the edge. Take them to putt-putt golf. Overall, I believe you’ll be satisfied eating at Restaurants in Detroit TG (Top Golf) especially waiting for your bay to open. It’s like bar and grill food. Expect it to be ok.


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