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Restaurants In Detroit J. A

 J. Alexander’s (Review)

After having 3 children together, my husband and I desperately need alone time. It almost seems like I have to fight to get it, but it’s definitely worth it. It gives us time to chill, talk, laugh, reconnect and meet each other’s needs without having to meet the needs of children. We truly appreciate our surrounding village because without them, it can’t be done.

When they take the girls off our hands for a couple of hours, we find ourselves doing whatever we want for our Date Nights! Or shall I say Date Days, because sometimes we have to send the baby to the Daycare while the big girls are in school in order to hang out. We take advantage of any and every opportunity to spend 1 on 1 time together. We LoVe going to the Best Restaurants in Detroit J. A (J. Alexander) is one of them.

Best Restaurants in Detroit J. A

One of our favorite things to do is eat at a great restaurant. We go to many restaurants in and around the city of Detroit, Michigan so I will post our experiences in order to help you decide where you would like to eat. No, I’m not getting paid for any of my reviews so it’s definitely my honest opinions.

This review is about J. Alexander’s restaurant in Livonia. When we entered, I thought the atmosphere looked mature and we were immediately taken to our seats. We must’ve arrived at a good time. I was happy about that. The lights were dim as the music played softly in the background, which seemingly was romantic.

J. Alexander’s Menu

In my opinion the menu doesn’t have a super huge variety (to my liking), but they do have plenty of food choices (for everyone else). And from reading other reviews, I believe they mastered cooking everything on it. As I mentioned before, I’m a Pasta LoVer so I hate the fact that some of their restaurants took off my favorite dish, the Rattlesnake Pasta!

My husband and I would look forward to ordering it every time we went. The beautiful multi-colored peppers were everything. And the taste of the sauce was magnificent. Delicious was an understatement. In as much, we just have to order something other than our usual dish. Change is ok, I guess.

I tried the Baked Chicken meal and their macaroni but our waitress forgot to bring out my mashed potatoes. Moreover, the chicken was seasoned great and my husbands’ food was amazing as well. Our food portions were a nice size and the time it took for our food to come out didn’t take long at all. It was hot and we got full. Our waitress was extremely nice so overall it was a good experience there. Needless to say, we would go again. J. Alexander’s is a great place to have a date night or a girl’s night out. We spent about $50 or more. It is one of the the Best Restaurants in Detroit J. A.

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