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How To Throw a Fantastical Unicorn Birthday Party

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Unicorn Birthday Party

Blissful Unicorns are totally in, to the point where girls want to party Unicorn stlye. Everywhere I look I see Unicorns and think to myself, where in the world did this LoVe for Unicorns come from? It must be the beautiful colors that captures the attention of little girls. However, Unicorns are legendary, dating back as far as the bible mentioning them. Here’s a few tips on How to Throw A Fantastical Unicorn Party that will leave your guests in awe.

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In order to throw a Fantastical Unicorn Birthday Party you will need Colorful Decorations, Paper Flowers, Centerpieces, Table cloths, Paper Plates, Utensils, A Unicorn Cake and most of all Games. I threw my 5 year old a Unicorn Birthday Party and she had a blast. Her friends were excited to celebrate with her. To say the least, when the party was over they didn’t want to leave.

Unicorn Arts and Crafts Party

Since I’m a DIY mom I wanted to have an Arts and Crafts Birthday Party for my big girl. Kids LoVe working with their hands. We made Unicorn masks for the girls and horses for the boys. After taking forever to cut 20 masks from felt, I was annoyed when I found these cute inexpensive Unicorn masks from Hobby Lobby (rolls eyes). In addition, I made my own templates and cut out everything to decorate the Unicorn and horses gift bags. I also bought stickers and bags from the Dollar store to make them pop. The girls had sparkling eyelashes, Unicorn horns, Hearts and leftover fabric for the hair.

You can purchase Unicorn Table cloths, plates, cups and napkins from Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.

Unicorn Birthday Party Games

I Live for laughter so you should know that I LoVe Birthday Party Games. I go all out for my kids. I pick games that go with whatever theme I choose for their party. Here are a few games we played at my daughters Unicorn party.

“Pin The Horn On The Unicorn”

This game can be purchased from Hobby Lobby. It was the cutest Unicorn I found.

“Unicorn Ring Toss”

This game was a hit! The children LoVed playing it. Relax moms! The rings are soft and made out of foam so the children won’t cry or get injured when they get hit with them.

“Unicorn Race”

I bought cones from the dollar store and sticks from Wal-Mart, taped them together and created an obstacle course for the children to have a Unicorn race. For the Arts and Craft Party I also cut out material for the kids to decorate these Water Noodles. They could’ve made a horse or Unicorn. As expected, when the race began the children knocked some of the sticks from the obstacle course over but it didn’t compare to the smiles on their faces. For the big finale, they had  to jump through a hula hoop. Here’s a shot of them racing. I was the host so I should have hired a photographer to get some great shots.

How to make these Decorations are coming soon. If you don’t have time to make them. Click on the photos below and you will be able to purchase these beautiful Unicorn party items. They will be delivered to you straight from my shop.

Unicorn Party

These Picture Frames will have everyone smiling from ear to ear.


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