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Coronavirus 2020

March 2020

Oh my gosh, March 2020 we’re only 90 days in! What in the world is happening? A lot has been going on this year. I recently wrote an article about January 2020, wondering if we can have a Happy New Year.



When this Coronavirus started, we heard of 12 cases reported  in Michigan. My family has a group chat and my sister Crystal was keeping us up to date. She warned us about quarantines going on and mentioned we should probably go to the store to stasrt storing food . We didn’t take it seriously until Friday March 13, 2020. When I got the call around 6:30am from my daughters school saying they were closed until April 5th due to the cornoavirus. I was looking  like the spongebob meme ok imam Head Out”

I spent about $354 in groceries for a family of 5. I wanted to keep the fridge and cabinets stocked. If the virus is spreading and some people don’t even realize they hav e symptoms I don’t want to be in anyones space.

Urge by the government to stay at home

Some people didn’t tkase it seriously. I heard police were shutting down hiuse parties and closing down parks. They also urged people to practice social distancing or at kkeats stay 6 feet away from one another.

Popsitive donated foodwith #50KSouols until the virus got greater the end of march im 6,000 cases

Binge watching tv series

A Time To OPRay

Time to pray and spend time with God reading, writing,

Half of America is closed. Many are affected from small businesses to

I did a little bit of everything.


Teachers weren’t prepared . they had to put together some online learning opportunities. I know theyre probably glad the bad kids get to stay at home. They get it when they get it homework

My sis reminded me of the kids who are mistreated and ho we shoud pray for them like

Doctors don’t want you to cone in. doctors wives and nurses are crying about the shortage of material

Pastors talking asbout why we shouldn’t feasr and why we should have faith  in the time of troubles. People were doing whatever they could to protect their peace at all cost

Where do we gi from here

Stay Connected

On the internet, playing facebook games

Firstborn look alike Your 1st Child Vs. You . You as a kid and a current picture

What happens when you get coronavirus?

What is coronavirus

Coronairus is a respiratory illness that is like the flu. The symptoms include a fever, shortness of breath, it could last up to 14 days. Its very contagious. It can be contracted through the air when someone infected coughs, it can last 6-8 minutes alive. Moreover, it can PASS on a variety of surfaces.  I SAW A post that stated for hours to days.

The most important to avoid the virus is to wash your hands.

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